Are you still in control of porn?


You recognize yourself in:

Watching more porn than you want?

Having fights in your relation about porn?

Porn is slowing you down in having real enjoyment?

Are you (unwanted) spending money on porn?

An increase in the “need” of porn?

You would be happier without porn?

Searching for more and more extreme porn?

You feel miserable and guilty every time?


Take the next step and achieve

More energy, happiness and pleasure

More self confidence

More attractive to girls

Real relations and better sex with your partner

Realize your dreams

No compulsive watching of porn anymore

Control over your life back

Break the routine of porn

Live the life you always wanted

More time for the important things in life

To win the battle against porn definite!


Our approach will set you free!


*Only take this course if you really want to break free of porn!


You will get:

The steps to break free from porn.

Discrete help from experienced experts.

Advise to prevent fallbacks.

Confidential and anonymous!

Contact with people that understand you.

An approach that really works!

No expensive treatment by psychologists!


Why should I join your program, John?

You shouldn’t hire me because of degrees in psychology, i’m an experienced professional in the field of coaching. If you prefer a psychologist, hire one with a proven track record that you respect and pay him for the hours he is working for you. If you choose me, that’s great! We will work together to achieve your freedom. If you’re not convinced, use all the free advice on my site and test me out.

My course already helped lots of people, it has given people the neccesary skills to succeed in fighting against their excessive porn use.

If you want to fight your porn use by yourself I encourage you to start with my book. If you want my personal help then please contact me if you have any questions about one of my products. I want you to have the best fitted approach for your personal situation.

Off course it’s possible to have a chat first, if you don’t feel confortable with me then don’t buy the personal coaching product, no strings attached! I want you to be satisfied.

Not satisfied?! No risk.

I’ll understand that this is a big step for you. Maybe it’s even not about the money, your time, or the energy you put in it…

This is about YOUR life. Living the life YOU want. We give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our help, we give you your money back, simple like that. You can try us without taking any risk.


Try it free!

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Wow! Small things can change your life. John helped me in working on my issues. It’s not only about self-confidence, it’s about finding your mission and settings goals in life. John is able to give you insights that really change your mind.B. Willington
I wish that this course was available 10 years ago! You achieved it to get my passion back for the real things in life. I was wasting time and energy on porn, thank you for taking the time for me!Edward
I was stuck in porn for about 15 years, it tapped away my energy and had a big impact on my new relationship. When my girlfriend gave me the last chance I decided to give it a try. I have NO regrets! Bob R.
John, thank you for the insights you gave me! Sometimes you think you can do it on your own, if you won’t succeed you need to admit and grab the helping hand, i’m glad you was there for me!E. Schmit

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