The self-help approach

Buy the book full of tips and guidelines to get rid of porn. Invest in yourself and become free of the dirt in you mind. You can buy the book for the discount price of 17,99 instead of 29,95.

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  • The self-help approach
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In total
  • The self-help approach
  • Personal guidiance
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In total
  • The self-help approach
  • Personal guidiance
  • 3 one on one sessions
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Program details

The self-help approach

This is a practical book, full of tips and guidelines to help you getting rid of porn. It guides you in a structured way from problem to solution. This will give the tools to set yourself free of porn and live the life you always wanted! Please contact me if you have any questions!

Expert help course

Besides the course book we also offer personal assistance. You can send us your questions and discuss your problems or situations with us. The book gives you insights about what porn is doing to you and why it has the addictive effect you experience. It gives you the basic tools to make a new start and plan your actions. On top of that our experts are ready to help and advise you. This package includes the book and 1 month of personal assistance.

Coaching course

You will get the book for the basic understanding of the addictive effects and the tools to get rid of it. The individual support for your questions and problems, and on top of that two personal coaching session with one of our experts. In that session we will discuss exactly your needs. We analyze your situation and define the right approach to break with porn forever.

All-In course

This is our most complete package. It consists of the course book, the individual support via email with our experts and 3 individual coaching sessions. In these sessions we have the opportunity to make big steps. For example, in the first session we analyze your situation and we define the steps that work best for you. In the 2nd session we check your progress and we fine tune your approach. In the 3rd session we wrap up and finish your getting-porn-free journey!